400 Watt Metal Halide Hazardous Location Light Fixture

June 30, 2014
This hazardous area light fixture produces 36,000 lumens of light capable of illumination an area 18,000 square feet in size. Weather proof and U.L. listed for marine use, this metal halide light fixture is a versatile and idea exterior lighting solution for both hazardous and non-hazardous locations. This unit is U.L. rated Class 1 Division 2 and UL 1598 listed for outdoor saltwater marine use with an IP65 rated construction. The integral pulse start ballast is protected within the weather proof housing and operates on 120V AC.

Lamp Type: Metal Halide                                         Ratings/Approvals

Watts: 400                                                                   Class 1 Division 2, Groups A,B,C & D

Lumens: 36,000                                                          UL 1598 Outdoor Marine Use

Lighting Configuration: Flood Pattern                    

Operating Temp Rating: T1 Rated

Mounting: Adjustable Trunnion Bracket

Voltage: 120-277V AC or 480V    

Wiring: ¾ Inch Threaded Conduit Entrance

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