Paper Packaging System

July 8, 2014

Demonstrating its continued focus on providing packaging systems that promote improved efficiency and environmental responsibility, Sealed Air today made its new FasFil® EZ® Auto system available to the wider marketplace. The latest addition to Sealed Air’s FasFil® paper void fill packaging line, the FasFil® EZ®Auto system features an advanced, automated cutting mechanism that ensures easy release of single ply, protective paper void fill while eliminating several manual tasks required with previous models. “Enhancing void fill production within our FasFil® paper system line further reflects Sealed Air’s commitment to offer our customers a variety of packaging solutions that ensure protection while helping meet their goals for increased productivity and sustainability,” said Atul Arora, director of paper packaging systems at Sealed Air.

“For e-commerce operations and other businesses that require high-quality paper void-fill, but which may be limited by labor and workspace restrictions, the FasFil® EZ Auto system delivers operational efficiencies essential for continued business growth and customer service.” Featuring a small footprint designed to support small-cell packaging operations, such as those common for online retailers, the FasFil® EZ® Auto system operates through an automated footswitch that produces and releases materials once activated. With the new hands-free automated cutting tools in place, users can set pre-programmed or continuous paper lengths to produce consistent void fill volumes. The FasFil® EZ®Auto system also maintains the product line’s trademark crimping mechanism, which creates high-performing, durable paper void fill at a higher yield per cubic foot. By employing sustainable materials, the FasFil® EZ® Auto system helps users preserve their environmental footprint. Both of the system’s compatible fan fold and rollstock paper materials are recyclable and composed of 100 percent recycled content. As a result, these configurations have achieved Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification – the industry’s most widely accepted standard for recognizing legal and responsible paper sources. In addition to its sustainability and efficiency advantages, the FasFil® EZ® Auto system delivers several additional performance benefits that can help any packaging operation succeed.

Available in floor or table-top models, the system is adjustable to a range of customized heights and angles, enabling accommodation with even the most challenging packaging environments. The FasFil® EZ® Auto system’s compatibility with standard electrical outlets also grants users the flexibility to transport it to multiple packaging stations.

  • advanced, automated cutting mechanism
  • automated footswitch
  • floor or table-top models