Filling and Sealing Machine

Oct. 2, 2014

Designed for the filling and sealing of pre-formed cups, OYSTAR’s M-FS 30 Filling and Sealing Machine features a chainless drive concept allowing for automated format changes in less than 20 minutes.  This significantly improves equipment availability for production and, ultimately, OEE as well by making it profitable to produce even variable packaging formats.  During format change, a mobile trolley storage unit is attached to the machine. A handling device then removes a trolley from the machine and places it in the storage unit. Afterwards, a trolley with a new format is fed into the machine. This procedure repeats over and over until all of the trolleys have been replaced.

Maintenance costs for the M-FS 30 are reduced because there is no need to replace the transport chain or carry out any of the adjustment work needed for chain stretch.  The machine can be equipped with up to three dosing systems. Equipped with a single dosing system, the machine transports preformed cups with a fill volume of up to 600 ml and a cup height of up to 150mm.; in total, it can process up to 30,000 cups per hour across a maximum of 12 lanes. The machine operates without lubricant and using optional UV-C disinfection for cups and lids, making it ideal for hygienic production applications.

  • automated format changes in less than 20 minutes
  • up to three dosing systems