RNV Series High-Voltage, Metal Film Resistors

Sept. 8, 2014

The RNV Series uses proprietary manufacturing processes and materials to provide a robust product that has excellent electrical performance under prolonged high temperature and high humidity stress. It can withstand 1,000 hours at 40°C, at least 90% relative humidity with cycled power on for 1.5 hours, off for 0.5.


The RNV Series has a working voltage rating of up to 1,600V DC and an overload voltage rating of up to 3,200V DC depending on resistance value. This series meets IEC 60065.14.1 standards handling up to 7KV for 50 discharges of a 1nF capacitor.


This high-performance metal film resistor is ideal for applications requiring high voltage handling capability, high reliability, and stability. Examples of such applications include switching power supplies, power inverters, AC adapters, appliances, electronic ballasts, and displays and monitors. The RNV is available in both 5% and 1% tolerances and in standard ammo and tape and reel packaging.