Rod-Style Actuator

Oct. 22, 2014

The Tolomatic RSA-HT high force rod-style actuator is designed for high duty- cycle performance in demanding applications while delivering the added control and consistency of an electric drive actuator. The Tolomatic RSA-HT actuator, which can also be considered as a replacement for hydraulic applications, triples the maximum force capabilities of the standard RSA line from 4,038 lbf (17.96kN) to 12,900 lbf (57.38kN). Key features of the RSA-HT design include an IP67 option, standard purge/breather port, and a lubrication system. The IP67 static rating option makes the RSA-HT actuator dust- and water-tight for outdoor applications or other environments where dusts or liquids are present.

All RSA-HT actuators include a grease zerk for easy lubrication without disassembly, significantly extending the operating life of the lead screw and the actuator. In addition, a purge/breather port allows positive pressure to be applied to the actuator to help keep contaminates out and functions as a breather port in high-speed applications where internal pressures may exert additional forces on the actuator if sealed. “The new IP67 option makes the RSA-HT actuator a great choice for operation in outdoor environments such as valve control,” said Aaron Dietrich, director of marketing, Tolomatic. “Furthermore, the lubrication system allows end-users to periodically and easily maintain the actuator, which significantly extends the service life.” RSA-HT actuators with reverse-parallel configurations have an improved high-torque belt design for driving maximum force output. An improved polyurethane timing belt with carbon tinsel cords is available in 1:1 or 2:1 reduction configurations. The 1:1 configuration allows for reduction gearbox mounting, which significantly reduces the overall footprint of the actuator. Tolomatic RSA-HT actuators are available in three sizes (32, 50, and 64) and are available in strokes up to 60 inches (1524 mm).

  • available in three sizes
  • strokes up to 60 inches
  • grease zerk for easy lubrication