TDA Buddy hydraulically powered manipulators are designed to allow a worker to hold and maneuver parts -- up to 1000 lbs. -- in 3-dimensions and help him perform even precise material handling placement with virtually no strain injuries.  These manipulators are best suited for heavy-duty industrial material handling applications.

The throttle style control feature facilitates variable speed motion control to ensure precise handling. TDA Buddy's energy-efficient hydraulic manipulators are powered by on-demand hydraulic pump systems that conserve energy and pump life. Depending on the specific part handling requirements, TDA Buddy can custom build hydraulic manipulators with hydraulic cylinder grippers and special fixtures -- turning a two-or three-person material handling job into a one-person job. 

TDA Buddy pneumatic manipulators have maximum ten-foot reach radius, a vertical travel of 64”, and rotation up to 360°. End effectors (tooling) are offered with vacuum, mechanical, or pneumatically actuated grippers.

  • hold and maneuver parts -- up to 1000 lbs
  • throttle style control feature
  • on-demand hydraulic pump systems