Aseptic Pouch Form-Fill-Seal Machine

Oct. 29, 2014

OYSTAR USA has introduced the OYSTAR Hassia SAS 20/30 Aseptic Pouch Form-Fill-Seal Machine.  Offering product-specific filling systems with high filling accuracy, the SAS 20/30 FFS Machine can produce stick packs from 60-225mm in length, 26-80mm wide, and at volumes of up to 250ml.  It can produce as many as 24,000 stick packs per hour.  Aseptic stick packs are mainly used for convenience products including puddings and other soft-serve snacks, as well as for dairy products such as coffee creamers, certain desserts, and cream cheese products.  The primary benefits of aseptic stick packs are extended shelf life and enhanced product quality achieved without using additional preservatives.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with international hygienic standards, the SAS 20/30 FFS Machine can operate as many as eight lanes.  After manufacturing the aseptic stick packs by sterilizing foil on all sides, the machine then fills and seals these pouches under aseptic conditions in a sterile tunnel.  Through this process of active packaging material sterilization, a bacteria reduction >log5 is achieved, which results in extended shelf life, even outside the cooling chain.  FDA and 3A compliant machine configurations also are available. Among the SAS 20/30 FFS Machine’s features are specially developed forming shoulders coated with either titanium-nitride or chlorine-nitride.  Mathematically pre-calculated and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabricated, the shoulders lead to forming whose accuracy is 100% reproducible.  The SAS 20/30 forms three-sided stick packs, which use up to 40$ less material than their more conventional four-sided counterparts.

  • can produce stick packs from 60-225mm in length, 26-80mm wide
  • volumes of up to 250ml