Insulated Blower Hose

Dec. 10, 2014

A lightweight, insulated blower hose that is highly compressible, energy efficient and easy to handle for onsite construction, fracking, oil & gas, and utilities applications has been introduced. Flexaust® Arctic Duct U Insulated Blower Hose features a 1” fiberglass insulation barrier that is protected by two single-ply fabric polyester plies and reinforced with a spring steel wire helix and an external PVC coated wearstrip.

Providing an R4 insulation value, this hose operates over a -40°F to 250°F range and has a 5:1 compression ratio for storage. Manufactured with flame-retardant materials, Flexaust® Arctic Duct U Insula-ted Blower Hose comes in 4” to 20” I.D. sizes, lengths are made to order, and plain sewn cuffs are standard with belted cuffs optional.  Standard color is yellow with a black wearstrip; custom colors and connections are optional.  This hose has a smooth interior to promote efficient airflow.  Flexaust® Arctic Duct U is priced according to size and quantity.  Samples and price quotations are available upon request

  • 1” fiberglass insulation barrier
  • operates over a -40°F to 250°F range
  • comes in 4” to 20” I.D. sizes