Push-On Hose And Push-Loc Couplings

Dec. 30, 2014

Kurt Hydraulics announces introduction of its new Push-On Hose and Push-Loc Hose Couplings for low pressure applications. The product combination allows the Push-On fittings to be easily and quickly inserted into the hose for a tight fit. No special crimping tools are needed.

Push-On Hose Has Robust Spiral Angle Reinforcement Design           

Kurt Hydraulic’s Push-On hose has very strong coupling retention. A specially designed  spiral polyester material inside the hose locks onto the fitting. The tight grip remains constant under pressure up to 250P PSI for leak-free operation. Flexible and versatile for a wide range of low pressure installations, the hose operates in temperature ranges from -20°F to +180°F (-29°C to +82°C).           

Kurt Hydraulic’s Push-On hose has high oil resistance. The tube material is Nitrile, RMA Class A and the hose cover is Nitrile PVC, RMA Class A. Available in a full range of sizes from ¼ ID/inches and 0.5 OD/inches to 1/2ID inches and 0.75 OD/inches. Hose colors varies by diameter size and is available in reels of 250 and 700 foot lengths.

Push-Loc Hose Couplings Precision Machined Of Brass           

Designed to integrate with Kurt Hydraulic hose, the Push-Loc couplings are precision machined of corrosion resistant brass. They attach to Push-On hose both in the field and in manufacturing settings without crimping or other special tools needed.           

Kurt Hydraulics Push-Loc hose couplings are available in 22 different types and popular sizes. These include ¼” 3/8”, ½” ¾” male pipe rigid sizes, 3/8” and ½” female pipe rigid sizes, ¼”, 3/8” 5/8” and ¾” female SAE swivel sizes, ¼” and ½” male pipe swivel sizes and 3/8” and ¾” female JIC swivel sizes.            Applications for Kurt Hydraulic’s new Push-On hose and Push-Loc couplings include paint spraying systems and similar industrial equipment and maintenance systems requiring fast, push-on hose assembly.

  • for low pressure applications
  • quickly inserted into the hose for a tight fit
  • no special crimping tools are needed