Portable Doppler Flow Meter

Dec. 23, 2014

Greyline's new PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter employs the latest technology in Doppler signal processing with an improved ability to filter out noise and produce flow measurement accuracy far greater than previously possible. Mount the ultrasonic sensor on the outside of a pipe and this new PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter shows flow rate instantly.

It works from outside metal or plastic pipes. Simply enter pipe diameter with the 5-button keypad and the PDFM 5.1 will display, totalize and data log in your choice of gallons, liters or any engineering units.   The PDFM 5.1 is recommended for wastewater, sludge, slurries, chemicals and abrasives. Use it for flow troubleshooting, spot checks or balancing flow.

  • Doppler signal processing
  • filters out noise