Low-Inertia Servo Motors

Jan. 6, 2015

J series low inertia, high performance servo motors are a cost effective choice for the most demanding automation requirements. With an IP65 environmental rating and UL/CE certifications, J series servo motors are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, such as: high speed packaging/labeling, fast response actuators, automated assembly equipment and many others. The product range spans 100 watt to 750 watt power ratings, windings for popular DC and AC voltages, and all models have integrated brake options.

The laser welded segmented stator pole construction allows for maximum copper fill and our proprietary encapsulation method enables maximum heat transfer. This results in higher performance and lower operating temperatures. J series servo motors are compatible with our SV7 series, our SVAC3 series and our BLuAC5 series amplifier/controllers. They include incremental commutating optical encoders with 10,000 counts per revolution making them an easy match with many other amplifiers available in the marketplace.

  • 100 watt to 750 watt power ratings
  • windings for popular DC and AC voltages
  • integrated brake options