Hyundai Forklift, a leading material handling equipment manufacturer, is pleased to announce the addition of their 20/25/30/32 BC-9 series 4-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts.  With these newly designed models, operators can look forward to comfortable driving, increased productivity and easy maintenance.  The BC-9 cushion tire forklifts are ideal for applications such as warehouses, bottling plants, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and more. Hyundai’s BC-9 series forklifts are engineered for high efficiency and optimal performance.  All four models feature advanced drive and lift performance with proven durability and low maintenance.  The enclosed drive and pump motor with AC technology combine power, extended maintenance intervals and excellent durability.  The brushless AC motors provide improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.  All four models have various mast heights and designs and offer load capacities of 4,000 lbs, 5,000 lbs, 6,000 lbs and 6,400 lbs, respectively.  The efficient and smooth running BC-9 series provides powerful performance to make your work more productive.

All four models have a Curve Control feature, which limits travel speed based on turning radius, reducing speed for a smooth, precise turning operation for the driver. A new standard feature includes the Load Indicator System, which measures the weight of the load the operator is lifting and is viewed through the display monitor. When the operator attempts to exceed the load limit, a warning is activated alerting the operator.   An anti-roll back system is installed to guarantee protection against machine roll back while also providing exceptional ramp start capabilities.  The BC-9 series features a max travel speed (unloaded) of 11 mph and a max gradeability (loaded) of 34%, 20%, 18% and 17%, respectively.  Operators have the option of four different performance modes, High, Normal, Economic and Turtle Mode, providing ultimate flexibility in all working conditions.   As always Hyundai kept safety a top priority with the BC-9 series forklifts.  All four models have advanced safety features including an optimized lift cylinder arrangement, which gives operators wider visibility on all sides as well as a panoramic mirror that expands the driver’s view during operation. 

A strong overhead guard exceeding CEE and ANSI regulations gives operators the utmost protection from falling objects above.  When forks are being lowered on the BC-9 series forklifts, a down-control valve maintains a controlled speed and similarly, the down-safety valve prevents forks from dropping down in case of sudden damage of the hydraulic line.  An Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS) makes most drive movements, including Lift Lock, Tilt Lock and Drive Lock, impossible when an operator is not in the seat.  Additionally, LED combination lights and halogen headlights provide optimum visibility in all circumstances.  Rear reflectors mounted on the counterweight ensure safety for both the operator and the application.  Hyundai’s BC-9 series forklifts are not only safe but also comfortable.  A newly designed operator cabin was conceived for more space, a wider field view and enhanced operator comfort.  The BC-9 series models feature an optimized pedal position and floor mat and a large, non-slip entrance step.  An adjustable steering wheel enables operators to achieve their most comfortable driving position, necessary for long day’s work.  The angle of the steering column can easily be adjusted through a lever on the right-hand side of the steering column for added comfort. 

A full suspension Grammer seat offers various adjustments for greater comfort, reducing operator fatigue.  Maintenance on the BC-9 series forklifts is hassle free with an ideal arrangement of critical machine components.  The battery compartment is equipped with side battery removal for easy replacement.  An advanced LCD monitor allows the operators to easily and efficiently control the machine.  The monitor provides vital information such as speed level, steer angle, travel direction, battery discharge indicator, hour meter and working mode.  Additionally, an enhanced brake oil reservoir, located on the upper left dashboard, is equipped with an electronic level sensor and is easily visible through the monitor.    Hyundai’s BC-9 series forklifts can easily accommodate various attachments to meet any application need including hinged or rotating forks, carton or drum clamps and load stabilizers or extenders.

  • load capacities of 4,000 lbs, 5,000 lbs, 6,000 lbs and 6,400 lbs
  • efficient and smooth running
  • strong overhead guard