Verti-Lift introduces Auto-Hite Carts, which automatically adjust so that work-pieces are at the optimal operator height.  Designed to maximize safety, productivity, and ergonomics, these spring-loaded, self-leveling products feature a 22”-26” window of vertical travel making them ideal for any associate or parts height requirement.  These ergonomic carts contain no hydraulics, do not require electric or air, and require minimal maintenance.

They are ideal for assembly line or sub-assembly operations for a wide range of industries. Standard deck sizes are 20” W x 20” L through 20” W x 30” L, with custom sizes available.  Capacity is up to 1,000 pounds.  Featuring a “J” hook spring bracket design, springs can be easily added or removed in seconds.  These units come standard with 5” casters to ensure ease of mobility. They can also be floor mounted for work cell applications.

  • automatically adjust
  • 22”-26” window of vertical travel
  • capacity is up to 1,000 pounds