Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

Jan. 2, 2015
 The OMYL-RH20 and OMYL-RH20E are robust devices capable of logging temperature and humidity readings and are software configurable to record either both of these parameters or just individual variables. These data loggers are available with standard memory of 100,000 readings (OMYL-RH20, OMYL-RH20E) or expanded memory of 4 million readings (OMYL-RH20-4M, OMYL-RH20E-4M). The OMYL-RH20/OMYL-RH20-4M have built-in sensors for temperature and humidity. The OMYL-RH20E/ OMYL-RH20E-4M have the temperature and humidity sensors fitted in an integral 100 mm steel probe. These data loggers are suited for a variety of applications including environmental or climate studies, meteorological research and also in clean rooms and laboratories. High Accuracy      Shock Proof, IP65 Housing (Dust and Water Jet Proof)     Up to 4 Years Battery Life