High Pressure Solenoid Valve - Omega Engineering Inc

Jan. 8, 2015
The SVH-110 Series direct acting solenoid valves are normally closed valves that open when energized and close when de-energized. When the coil is energized the plunger lifts the piston off the valve seat, opening the valve. Upon de-energizing the coil, a spring closes the piston to seat it. The normally open valve operates similarly, closing when energized and opening when de-energized. No minimum pressure is required. The SVH-110 Series are used to control the flow of high pressure air, water, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases or light liquids compatible with materials of construction. They are also suitable for cryogenic applications.      Stainless Steel Construction     NEMA 4 and 7     Pressures up to 10,000 psi (Depending on Model)