Vacuum Panel Saw

Feb. 4, 2015

The KSV-434 Vacuum Panel Saw from Kett Tool provides a safer, cleaner environment for contractors and manufacturers who need to cut construction panels. Cutting construction panels with a standard circular saw produces a large amount of airborne dust, which creates an unhealthy work environment and requires extensive clean-up.

Kett’s Vacuum Panel Saw uses a cast aluminum vacuum head that connects to a canister vacuum or in-plant collection system, collecting the dust generated by the saw before it can become airborne. The Vacuum Panel Saw uses a 5 amp, variable speed motor capable of cutting 5/8” drywall, fiberglass, plastic sheet and other construction panels. It also accepts 2-1/2” blades for cutting laminate panels or C.R. mild steel up to 16 gauge. The saw features a spring-loaded blade guard for added safety. Its 3-1/2” carbide abrasive or high-speed steel saw blade can perform cuts up to 1-1/16” deep.

  • cast aluminum vacuum head
  • 5 amp, variable speed motor
  • accepts 2-1/2” blades