Miniature Ball Screws

May 15, 2017
optiSLITE enhanced miniature ball screw line delivers smoother, quieter performance.

Enhanced optiSLITE miniature ball screws lower friction torque for longer life, smoother running, and better servo response. The result is superior performance in linear axis stage applications such as atomic force microscopes, nanoscale machining, and wafer dicing.


optiSLITE screws undergo a proprietary finishing process that removes micron-sized peaks on the shaft raceway. The result is smoother running screws which are essential in applications involving precision positioning. The high quality ball screws used are imperative to ensuring that linear stages are able to meet demanding nanopostioning
requirements – extreme reliability and repeatability of 1nm.


optiSLITE miniature ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity. The screws feature shaft diameters down to 5 mm and pitch down to 1 mm. Available in standard lengths and nut designs.