Current Switches - NK Technologies

Jan. 15, 2015

NK Technologies introduces ASXP-LS Current Switches – a combination current transformer and signal conditioner designed specifically for monitoring large loads. The ASXP-LS Current Switches feature electromechanical relay output, external power source, simple field setpoint adjustment and easy installation. The mechanical relay contact provides a trouble-free, durable alarm or interlock, improving safety and overall system reliability, while the selectable “Fail Safe” operation provides protection for critical loads.

ASXP-LS Current Switches are used to monitor large machines for over- or under-load conditions, detect open discharge lines and sense clogged filters. They can also monitor generators to shed non-critical loads when demand reaches a set level.

Key features inlcude:

  • Split-Core Housing: Allows sensor to be installed over existing conductors
  • Easy Installation: Snap onto DIN rail or attach to back panel through sensor base
  • Larger Sensing Aperture: Large window (2.3” w x 3.42” h) easily accommodates conductors and multiple wires per phase
  • Electromechanical Relay Output: Use with AC or DC control circuits and for no-volt inputs (e.g. timing relay triggers)
  • Load Start Delay: Adjustable delay allows large motors to start against high-inertia loads without tripping
  • Wide Range: Four models available with trip points between 200 – 1600 amps
  • Accepted Worldwide: Designed to meet UL, CUL, and CE requirements
  • for monitoring large loads
  • electromechanical relay output
  • simple field setpoint adjustment