Precision Micromachined Silicon Transducers and Transmitters

Jan. 10, 2015
Omega’s new PXM409 Series precision metric calibrated micromachined silicon transducers and transmitters have an exceptionally high industrial grade accuracy of 0.08% and are supplied with a 5-point NIST traceable calibration. The PXM409 has a broad compensated temperature range and excellent thermal compensation which makes this welded stainless steel constructed product ideal for scientific or industrial applications requiring a rugged, high accuracy transducer with very low thermal drift. This CE compliant series is available in metric ranges of gauge, compound gauge, absolute, vacuum and barometric pressure. The units have a standard G ¼ metric fitting and are available with cable, DIN connector, or 4-pin M12 electrical terminatons. The PXM409 is ideal for calibration labs, engine test stands and industrial applications of pressure measurement and control that require a high degree of precision.     metric Pressure Ranges     316 Stainless Steel Wetted Parts     premium Temperature Performance