Occupational Body Protection

Oct. 28, 2016

The Smartshell line of ergonomic protective wear lessens muscle fatigue and can prevent musculoskeletal disorders. BKKN100 light-duty cushioned pads provide comfort and protection for short-term applications, while the heavy-duty BKKN200 offers a contoured hard cap for longer wear. BKKN300 heavier-duty pads have gel-injected cushioning for all-day wear, with a broad cap that redirects pressure away from the kneecap while maintaining stability. Corner “glides” allow the worker to slide and scoot.

  • BKKN100 light-duty cushioned pads: protection for short term applications
  • BKKN200 heavy duty pads: contoured hard cap for longer wear
  • BKKN300 heavier-duty pads: gel-injected cushioning for all-day wear