High Torque Mid-Series Gearmotors

Feb. 25, 2015

Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation, has expanded its mid-series product line with the addition of the G3, H2 and F3 series of fine-pitch gearmotors with 1/8 to 3 horsepower capabilities.

The models showcase Brother Gearmotors’ high standards for smaller, lighter, reliable and efficient power transmission components.  Each features superior efficiency from hypoid or helical gearing, which leads to greater torque output and allows for smaller motors to aid in energy efficiency.   Brother Gearmotors offer high strength and can be mounted in any direction with a slip fit "O" ring design.  

Other common traits among the Brother mid-series gearmotors include:

  • Longevity:  The helical gearing in the G3 series commonly enjoys a longer lifespan than spur gears of similar pitch diameter, and also has the ability to transfer high loads at greater speeds. The hypoid gears utilized by the H2 and F3 series use hardened steel gears throughout, giving them superior wear life compared to worm gears.
  • High Durability Finish:  Electrocoat paint is standard for all AC gearmotors offered by Brother.  The finish provides higher durability and superior resistance compared to traditional painting or powder coat finishes, and can stand up to the harshest environments.
  • High Reductions/Small Size (H2 and F3):  For models with hypoid gears, gear reductions up to 1,500:1 are attainable. Hypoid gearing makes the high reduction significantly more compact and lightweight compared to worm/worm and helical/worm designs.  
  • 1/8 to 3 horsepower
  • hypoid or helical gearing
  • electrocoat paint