Rib-Cooled Motors

March 4, 2015

Baldor Electric Company is proud to offer ABB’s expanded line of high voltage rib-cooled motor platform, type NXR, with higher power ranges and increased ingress protection. With higher power ranges and optional ingress protection up to IP66, these motors fit more industries and applications, providing more reliability and easier maintenance.

The new NXR high voltage rib-cooled motor platform is based on the well-established and successful HXR range. The NXR motor platform is now available in frame sizes 355 – 450 and in the power range of 100 – 1250 kW. The entire power range is enhanced with optional increased protection ratings up to IP66. Higher protection is especially important for applications where dust is present, such as in the mining and cement industries. IP66 means that the enclosure is completely dust tight and will withstand powerful water jets.

Size, shape and positioning of the cooling ribs have been optimized for best possible cooling performance. Pre-engineered fixing points are provided on the sides for accessories, making it easy to install accessories on the outside and ensures that airflow over the cooling surfaces is not affected. Maintainability is enhanced by features like easy access to check the coil ends and bearings. These can be inspected with an endoscope without the need to remove the end shields. The wide range of standardized accessories includes two advanced condition monitoring systems – ABB MACHsense-P and ABB MACHsense-R – both can detect potential problems at a very early stage before they become serious. By enabling precisely targeted and timely maintenance, these systems help to reduce downtime and, therefore, lower the plant operator’s overall cost of ownership.

  • frame sizes 355 – 450
  • power range of 100 – 1250 kW