As fuel requirements on vehicles increase, automotive manufacturers are expected to use thinner materials to meet the higher MPG goals. Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced a premium metal cored ferritic stainless steel electrode designed to approach those applications. It can weld aluminized or other coated components on thin material (~0.8mm) with no burn through.

Select FP 439Ti provides a stable spray arc over a broad range of current and voltage settings with emphasis on low heat input for performance on thin stock. Designed for arc stability at low heat input, Select FP 439Ti easily performs on any power source over a wide range of pulse programs. Superior arc performance on thin materials allows for greater productivity while bridging gaps in fit-up.   Available in .035”, .045” and 1/16” diameters, Select FP 439Ti is ideal for welding applications which include manifolds, catalytic converters and exhaust tubing.

  • stable spray arc
  • available in .035”, .045” and 1/16” diameters