Wireless Video Monitoring System

March 5, 2015
Convoy Technologies announces the availability of the TrailerCam™ wireless video monitoring system.  The system is comprised of both a ruggedized, portable wireless magnetic-mount camera/transmitter, and a 7" LCD color monitor/receiver.   Offered specifically for use in situations where a large truck, trailer, or tractor is required to back up into a loading dock or down a narrow street, the system dramatically lessens the incidence of accidents.  In addition to preventing miscalculations while maneuvering in reverse, the TrailerCam improves overall safety and productivity.  The system features proprietary wireless technologies, commercial-grade magnets, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which are built into a rugged housing to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions. "Everyone at Convoy Technologies is excited to add the new wireless TrailerCam to our growing portfolio of safety solutions.  In talking with well-known trucking safety executives, they emphasized the need for a 'non-invasive' plug-and-play wireless solution to reduce injuries, deaths and workers' compensation claims that occur around loading docks.  We listened, and after a year of in-house development, we built the TrailerCam.  We are very eager see the positive impact the TrailerCam has on the safety of tractor trailer fleets," said Blake Gasca, CEO of Convoy Technologies.   The battery operated wireless camera's powerful magnets eliminate the time and expense associated with cable installation, and allow the camera to be quickly and easily attached or re-attached. Notably, the camera is supplied with magnets on both the bottom and back-side, enabling it to be positioned on the back and sides of the vehicle, in addition to the beam, roof and any ferrous surface.   The portable TrailerCam system's engineering facilitates its re-installation on another truck, trailer, or tractor, and its ability to be paired with other devices for fleet management. Convoy Technologies' TrailerCam camera features high performance color optics, and is capable of transmitting high quality video images to the monitor in the vehicle's cab for a minimum of 90 feet, with zero latency or interference.  It additionally features IR infrared LEDs to permit night vision up to 36 feet.  The lens angle is 90° H/65° V. Special power management circuitry and LEDs indicate low battery, and battery charged status.  The 12 V camera is shipped with a 3s2p 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery.  Its aluminum alloy enclosure is rated IP67, and therefore is completely protected against dust, jets of water from all directions, and contaminants such as hydrochloric acid. The unit measures 140 mm L x 97 mm W x 82 mm H (5.5" L x 3.8" W x 3.2" H). Audio capabilities are available. While the TrailerCam can integrate with most in-cab monitors with Convoy Technologies' "receiver adapter", a plug-and-play 7" LCD monitor with a built-in integrated digital receiver is also offered for vehicles without an in-cab display.  The monitor operates from a voltage of 9 VDC to 30 VDC, and supports a viewing angle of 50° U / 60° D / 70° R/L. The monitor's colored LEDs indicate when a connection is paired between the camera and receiver, and if the connection is lost.  Overall dimensions are 182 mm L x 75 mm W x 124 mm H (7.1" L x 2.9" W x 4.8" H).
  • lessens the incidence of accidents
  • high performance color optics
  • capable of transmitting high quality video images