Cable Protection Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

March 4, 2015
The Thomas & Betts (T&B) brochure, “Cable Tray Solutions, Oil & Gas,” outlines the company’s electrical cable protection solutions, under the T&B® Cable Tray brand, for the oil and gas processing industries. The brochure outlines a selection of cable tray products, including splices and fittings, that are available in high-strength and corrosion-resistant heat-treated aluminum to endure the harsh environments found in oil and gas processing facilities. “Oil and gas processing creates environments that make severe demands on electrical infrastructure,” said Chad Smith, global product group manager at Thomas & Betts. “T&B® Cable Tray Systems are designed to protect electrical wiring in these environments and withstand the corrosive conditions they’re subjected to, as well as facilitate installation to reduce the time spent in hazardous locations. Additionally, T&B Cable Tray Systems are designed to eliminate the need for additional supports and hardware, as well as options to ship pre-assembled, which saves on installation time and cost.” Examples of product solutions highlighted in the brochure are Helix™ Fittings, which are designed to ease transitions between horizontal and vertical cable tray runs in confined areas; the Super-Duty Splice Plate™, which eliminates the need for additional supports at the expansion joint; and the Over-Support Splice Adapter, which reduces the need for structural supports for the expansion of beams and struts. Both the Super-Duty Splice Plate™ and the Over-Support Splice Adapter can also be used for mid-span splicing.