QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier

Dec. 15, 2022

2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier is a 40V addition to the QX Series that gives technicians working on infrastructure, power generation, industrial, and petrochemical the best of both power and precision, for the first time.


The multiplier pairs up to 2,950 ft-lb of torque with a patented closed-loop transducer that provides precision control and records the torque, speed, and angle for each bolt or fastener. Operators can use the free Ingersoll Rand INSIGHT Connect App to program up to 256 fastening strategies and access data. The tool’s onboard log holds information, including timestamps, on up to 1,200 run-downs. It can also be configured with Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly transfer data to the INSIGHTqcx Controller or a mobile device through the app. Data can be analyzed, shared, or archived for later verification.


Running at up to 83 rpm, it’s twice as fast as the 20V multiplier and powered by a 40V battery to deliver fast high-gang-count fastening. An advanced cooling fan dissipates heat so the tool can run back-to-back cycles without overheating, extending runtime.


This QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier fits the part in rough industrial environments with a drop-resistant, steel-reinforced motor housing that’s made from super tough composite polymer and a slip-resistant soft touch grip. Designed for tight spaces, an innovative dual-axis ergonomic handle, the first of its kind, rotates 360-deg. with the press of a button so operators can tighten bolts in a circular rotation with a single tool.

  • Integrate together with other QX Series tools in your assembly operations with wireless connection to the INSIGHTqcx Controller 
  • Share tightening data via email for post-processing verification through the free INSIGHT Connect app
  • Easy pairing to any Apple iOS or Google Android device to program torque, angle or both without the need for a Wi-Fi network 
  • Closed-loop transducer control delivers accurate, traceable torque and angle results 
  • Automatically record every tightening cycle to the day and minute with a persistent internal clock 
  • Store 1,200 records on-board and easily download and share them through the free INSIGHT Connect app
  • Longevity in harsh applications with steel-reinforced motor housing 
  • Cool under pressure, internal fan operates independently of the drive motor enabling repeated high-torque operation without overheating 
  • Tighten up to 300 bolts to 995 ft-lb per charge