Infrared Dimensioning and Weighing System

April 8, 2015
Quantronix, Inc. proudly introduces the CubiScan 25, an innovative dimensioning and weighing system designed to specifically measure and weigh smaller, irregular-shaped items for distribution, packaging and warehousing applications. The CubiScan 25 integrates infrared sensing technology to measure smaller, individual items as well as many smaller boxed and case-pack items, in one comprehensive cubing and weighing system. The CubiScan 25 combines powerful sensing technologies to create a flexible and economical solution for today’s most demanding cubing and weighing applications. The CubiScan 25 delivers a powerful dimensioning solution for challenging applications such as on-demand box making and measuring small, odd-shaped items and boxes for pharmaceutical, health and beauty aid, and book publishing distribution applications and more.. The release of this revolutionary dimensioning and weighing system result in a higher degree of measurement accuracy. The CubiScan 25 is the ideal dimensioning and weighing system to proactively combat ongoing distribution and dimensional weight shipping charges. Every inch counts when it comes to dimensional weight shipping charges, and knowing the DIMS of your individual items before the packaging process will inevitably save thousands on void fill, corrugate and ever increasing fuel and transportation charges.
  • Measurement Time: < 5 Seconds
  • Measurement Increment: 0.05 in (1mm)
  • Weight Increment: 0.005 lbs (0.002 kg)
  • Measurement Range: 0.1 to 18.0 in (length), 0.1 to 12.0 in (width), 0.1 to 12.0 in (height)
  • Weight Capacity: 0.005 to 15 lb.