Crusher Duty Motors

March 24, 2015

Baldor Electric Company introduces a new line of crusher duty motors with improved reliability, performance and energy efficiency to help lower the operator’s total cost of ownership. With higher breakdown and locked rotor torque performance, Baldor?Reliance® crusher duty motors meet the demands of the toughest crushing applications worldwide. The crusher duty motor platform is available in frame sizes 180T – 449T and in the power range of 5 to 350 HP. The entire product line is available from stock and meets current Premium Efficiency energy standards as well as future efficiency standards outlined by the Integral Horsepower Rule, which goes into effect June 1, 2016.

Baldor enhanced the performance of the crusher duty motor platform by raising the breakdown and locked rotor torque values across the entire product platform. Higher performance is especially important in crushing applications requiring motors to be heavily loaded and potentially moving loads long distances. Flexibility and ease of use have been optimized to provide a drop-in replacement for all frame sizes. Motors with roller bearings as standard are field changeable to ball bearings and suitable for across the line starting or inverter duty

  • Frame sizes: 180T – 449T
  • Power range: 5 to 350 HP