Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of the MGV / AGV -- a Manually Guided Vehicle that can be quickly and easily transformed into an Automatic Guided Vehicle as your company grows. The MGV is a heavy duty, robust, self-propelled cart with a hydraulically powered scissor lift mounted in the centeR of the frame. It is fully customizable with regards to lifting capacity and deck size. It has been specifically designed to increase the production of high end manufactured goods at companies that are focused on growth and increasing efficiency. This material handling solution can securely lift, hold, turn (with added tooling) and transport unfinished goods more safely, quickly and ergonomically than old fashioned pull or push carts. In addition, the MGV allows companies to install an assembly line with virtually no installation costs or processes as the cart requires no overhead or underfloor power, towline systems, conveyor belts or lines. It can be set up in any location in a short amount of time and can help move your company one step closer to increased productivity. Handling Specialty conducted significant market research into potential end-users prior to developing the MGV to AGV concept. Some examples of potential end-users could be furniture manufacturers, agricultural equipment, lawn care equipment, white goods – kitchen appliances, electrical generators, engines, golf carts and side by sides, recreational vehicles, electric vehicles and many more.
  • Operated by DC power: No overhead power drops needed, no power cords
  • DC Drive Motor: Integral brake, no additional action required to stop carrier
  • DC Drive controller: Ramped acceleration and deceleration, provides smoother starting and stopping
  • Hydraulic scissor lift:  Lifting capacities from 500 lbs to 3,000 lbs (or more)
  • Three wheel carrier:  Ensures drive wheel is always in contact with floor
  • Steering/Drive handle: Single person operated carrier can help save human resources; also creates ergonomic workstation
  • Velocity fuse on lift:  Provides rate of descent protection
  • Option: Sensors to ensure total safety