Sensor INKxperience Kit for IoT Sensor Engineering

April 7, 2023
Henkel's toolkit for ideation, prototyping, and proof of concept engineering is a novel sensor experience tailor-made for IoT engineering.

Tailor-made for IoT engineering across industries, the Qhesive Solutions Sensor INKxperience Kit offers four different printed electronics technologies that are pre-configured with hardware and software for prototyping and engineering ideation. The kit has been designed for professional engineers and enables them to quickly and efficiently explore and experiment with the technology of printed electronics for the development of IoT sensor solutions.


The Loctite portfolio of functional inks allows the printing of functional electronics circuits on foil, creating flexible circuitry for various applications, including IoT sensors. The company´s inks are suitable for a broad variety of sensor technologies including water detection sensors, self-regulating heating, pressure sensing, or printed antennas.


The kit contains four different technologies: a Leak Detection Sensor, a Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor, a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heater, and a Single as well as Multi-Zone Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) Sensor which are all reusable multiple times. The printed technologies are pre-configured with hardware and software for immediate and continuous data read-out and offer an easy set-up for the ideation of new ideas and proof concepts during prototyping and the engineering process of next-generation IoT sensors. IoT engineers can use the kit to explore the possibilities printed electronics offer for the development of sensor solutions.


The Sensor INKxperience Kit combines different printed sensor technologies with hardware and software and provides engineers a pre-configured, out of the box solution for ideation, technology testing, and initial prototyping. The kit makes it very easy to get a feeling for how printed electronics technology works and enables fast proof of concept validating the technology for a new sensor application.

  • Includes preconfigured hardware
  • Includes preinstalled software
  • Easy setup
  • Immediate testing data output