Controller with Enhanced Connectivity Options

April 23, 2015
Divelbiss Corp. has upgraded to its P-Series PLC on a Chip™ based controllers to integrate enhanced J1939 / NMEA2000 connectivity options and SD Card data logging. By supporting user configurable messaging, users will now have the freedom to fully implement these communication buses.   For applications utilizing Tier IV diesel engines or marine equipment, the capability of communicating via their CAN bus interfaces provides access to a wide array of operational and control parameters.  The latest release of Divelbiss EZ Ladder Toolkit™ and P-Series PLC on a CHIP™ based products now allow for user-defined J1939 and NMEA2000 messages. When implemented in a J1939 system, PGNs and SPNs may be utilized from the built-in database. In addition, custom messaging allows the definition of custom PGNs and SPNs, whether broadcast or request.  Address claim functionality is now fully supported with a user defined Name field, as is a user selectable bit-rate.  When needed, BAM and CM messaging may also be utilized.  With these tools, it is now possible to send or request any PGN/SPN or send/receive diagnostic messages DM1, DM2, or DM3. In addition to the features provided for J1939, NMEA2000 specific features are also supported, such as NMEA2000 Name field for address claim and Fast Packet Send/Receive communications. Both J1939/NMEA2000 and SD Card data logging functionality is supported on all of the following products: PLC on a Chip™ P-Series, HEC-P5000 family, VB-2000 family, and ICM-BB-P13 family, with additional products soon to be released.  Standard function blocks allow the user to easily map specific SPN values to program variables.  Data is easily logged to an SD card in either binary or ASCII formats.
  • Messaging: Custom PGNs and SPNs
  • Compatibility: PLC on a Chip™ P-Series, HEC-P5000 family, VB-2000 family, and ICM-BB-P13 family