AMD +1000K Arc Metal Deposition 3D Printer

March 16, 2015

The AMD +1000K brings Arc Metal Deposition (AMD) technology out of research labs and onto the production floor. Developed in cooperation with Parker Hannifin and Miller Electric Mfg., the +1000K promises computer-based design to near-net-shape metal parts in hours instead of weeks.


Arc Metal Deposition replaces castings and machining of billet stock for complex metal parts, injection molds, and stamping dies, allowing rapid design evolution at a fraction of the lead time and cost of traditional methods. The printer produces intricate shapes up to a cubic meter in size, depositing at over 5.5 lb/h (2.5 kg/h).


Precision robotic motion, inert gas-shielded arc metal deposition, and continual part temperature management produce superior material properties. Using wire stock instead of messy, hazardous, and expensive powdered metal, the +1000K is fully enclosed and employs HEPA filtering to maintain material purity and a safe work environment.

  • Deposit parts in multiple materials
  • No substrate required
  • Near net shape parts ready for final machining
  • In-situ temperature control
  • Build volume of 1 cubic meter
  • Fully enclosed
  • Wire feedstock
  • Greater than 5.5 lb/h (2.5 kg/h) deposition
  • Modular design
  • The AMDTM process is WAAM 3.0


  • E70 steel
  • 316 series stainless steel
  • 6000 series aluminum
  • Silicon bronze