Multipurpose Ball Valves Designed for Demanding Applications

July 1, 2015
SSP announces a new addition to its line of FloLok instrumentation valves. The FB Series multipurpose ball valves can be used in a wide range of applications, but are specifically designed for use in demanding applications that many ball valves can’t handle, such as high pressure, high temperature and low differential pressure. The FB Series of multipurpose ball valves features a floating ball design that allows upstream pressure to assist the downstream seal. Live loaded seats allow the valve to seal under differential pressures lower than other floating ball designs. Standard PEEK seats deliver leak-tight performance at 6000 psig. A primary advantage with the FB Series is the fact that the downstream spring can cushion the shock of the ball against the seat, preventing damage over the long term. Additionally, the end-screw completely supports the seat at high pressure, protecting the seat from deformation, even at high temperatures. This design significantly reduces seat wear, leakage, and extends the performance life. SSP’s new FB Series ball valves are ideal in low and high pressure applications and dynamic temperature and pressure conditions. The FB Series highlights SSP’s constant dedication to making improvements to industry standard products. The live loaded seats, robust body and stem seals and floating ball promise leak-tight seal regardless of pressure. Additionally, users don’t have to compromise when it comes to end connections, since SSP offers the broadest choice in the industry, offered in hundreds of combinations. The result is faster, safer installation, easy maintenance and longer performance life in demanding applications.


  • 6000 psig (413 bar) working pressure at 250 °F
  • High Flow - Cv up to 13.8
  • Wide temperature range (-40 to 400°F)
  • Leak-Tight Envelope Seal and Shut off
  • Wide range of end connection size and type combinations, including 3 styles of tube fittings
  • Low torque actuation
  • Higher Cycle life and low maintenance