Power Quality Solutions for Variable Frequency Drives

June 4, 2015
Schaffner EMC introduces new literature detailing the company’s wide range of power quality solutions to the problems associated with the use of variable frequency drives (VFD). Although widely used across the spectrum of industries, VFDs pose problems of varying degrees, from nuisance issues to severe motor damage. This new 8-page full-color brochure gives examples of the most significant problems including the introduction of harmonics, EMC problems, excessive dt/vt, peaks and over-voltages, displacement currents, eddy current losses in the motor, additional pulse loads on the inverter, bearing currents, system-wide low efficiency/power factor and more.   Schaffner offers to help solve these problems with components such as EMI/RFI input filters, RFI suppression chokes, line reactors/load reactors and sine-wave filters.  Off the shelf and custom designed active harmonic filter and passive harmonic filter systems ensure the reliable and safe operation of individual drives and multiple VFD’s. Copies of this new literature are available by request, or they can be downloaded.