Buyer's Guide to Laundry Carts

June 30, 2015
Laundry product manufacturer MODRoto has unveiled its “2015 Buyer's Guide to Laundry Carts” product brochure. The expansive literature features its newest innovations, the 72ERgonomic, which is the first bulk linen truck with a spring-loaded platform that sinks and rises for proper work positioning, and the ComplianceCaddy, which is the first and only verifiable way to comply with both EPA and DOT rules for storing and transporting solvent-contaminated shop towels and wipes. An Ergonomic Showcase reveals for the first time the company's signature, spring platform design with cutaway imagery and shows its wide range of applications in bulk linen carts, utility carts and flare trucks for reducing bending, reaching and heavy lifting. Offering an in-depth overview of the extensive line of laundry carts, the brochure also features the company's most requested bulk laundry trucks and shelf carts for clean linen delivery and soiled laundry return, as well as its utility carts that keep laundry plants and on-premise laundries moving smoothly and efficiently. The brochure also offers a free flash drive loaded with specifications for 50 of the company's top products.


  • 72ERgonomic
  • ComplainceCaddy
  • Most-requested bulk laundry trucks
  • Free flash drive loaded with specifications for 50 of the company's top products