Digital Clamp Meter

July 1, 2015
Megger now offers a digital clamp meter used to measure current flow in electrical systems and equipment during installation, maintenance and monitoring. The DCM1500 can measure AC and DC current up to 1,500 A, with other testers in its class only topping at 1,000 A. The DCM1500 offers a true RMS reading on the AC range for greater measurement accuracy. It can measure resistance up to 400 Ohms and offers a frequency range from 20 Hz to 400 Hz. Ideal for use by electricians, commercial electrical contractors, maintenance teams, generator installers and servicing engineers as well as electrical inspectors and assessors, this easy-to-use tester is versatile and safe. It can help check feeder lines and incomers, measure current during load-balancing on three-phase supplies and diagnose faults on systems and equipment. With a jaw size of 51 mm, Megger’s new clamp meter can accommodate large conductors with larger current measurements and a voltage range of 750 AC and 1,000 VDC. The clamp meter’s design allows users to measure current on uninsulated conductors and busbars. Designed for convenient measurement, the unit includes a large backlit digital display for low light conditions and a data-hold mode that freezes the display to enable measurements in hard to reach areas. The large clear digits of the numeric display are complemented by a high-resolution digital bar graph that helps indicate trending and fluctuating measurements. A min/max function automatically stores the lowest and highest readings taken and a peak-hold capability stores peak current. The dependable DCM1500 includes an auto power-off function that places the unit in power-save mode for 30 minutes from the power on time if not in use. This feature can be easily disabled by the operator if needed. The clamp meter also includes a zero-offset REL mode. This convenient feature zeroes the number that is on display at the time of testing then displays only the difference in subsequent measurements. This helps to avoid human error and mistakes in calculation. The automatically, self-calibrated DCM1500 is safety-rated to CAT IV 600 V, the highest level of safety available, and features an ultra-long battery life. The unit is also drop-tested to 1.2 m onto a hard floor.
  • AC and DC Current Measurement: Up to 1,500 A
  • Measure Resistance: Up to 400 Ohms
  • Frequency Range: From 20 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Jaw Size: 51 mm
  • Safety Rating: To CAT IV 600 V