Emergency Shower with Alarm System

July 27, 2017
HEMCO Corporation introduces Emergency Shower with Alarm System.

Emergency Shower / Decontamination Booths are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The shower is molded in a one piece seamless chemical resistant fiberglass and is equipped with a pull rod activated shower and push handle that initiates eye/face wash for immediate drenching of personnel that have been exposed to hazardous chemicals.


The shower is equipped with frosted front strip curtains, interior grab bars, raised deck grating, and a bottom or rear drain outlet. A sounding alarm and flashing light will go off when the flow switch is activated to alert colleagues for help.


  • Fully Assembled
  • Chemical Resistant Fiberglass
  • Compliant with A.N.S.I. and O.S.H.A. requirements
  • Plumbed to single point 1-1/4 in. IPT connection
  • Audible warning sound