Air Flex Swivel Hose Connector

July 8, 2015

Air Flex swivel connectors connect the air hose to the base of the tool, making rigid hoses more flexible and multi-directional. The use of the Air Flex swivel connector helps to improve vehicle professionals' work ergonomics while providing users with a 360-deg. rotational capacity to increase productivity and ease of use in difficult-to-reach places.


The Air Flex swivel connector range is available in three sizes; 1/4 (with or without a cover), 3/8, and a 1/2 in. and is capable of withstanding air pressure from 25 up to 74 cfm (12 up to 35 l/s). The additional flexibility that the new connectors provide ensures that the air hose does not become twisted and remains in the ideal working position, helping to reduce the risk of tendinitis for the user.


In addition, the connector reduces wear to hoses, as they are not being twisted, thereby providing reliable operation over a long service life. The Air Flex range is ideal for handheld pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, screwdrivers, grinders, and drills.