Magnetostrictive Position Sensors with SSI Interface

July 8, 2015
MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation has now added synchronous serial interface (SSI) functionality to the robust GB-Series. The new GBS offering is based on the company's proprietary Temposonics technology. This high resolution magnetostrictive position sensor delivers industry-leading levels of linearity (up to ±0.02% full scale) and repeatability (up to ±0.005% full scale). The rod-shaped sensors that constitute the GB-Series are highly optimized for incorporation into hydraulic cylinders, such as those used in power generation plants. These devices are available with measuring lengths between 25 mm and 3.25 m. The flat, compact housing for their supporting electronics makes them easy to deploy in restricted spaces. They offer IP67-rated ingress protection with an adapted connector or IP68-rated protection for models with cable outlets. High pressure resistance and strong immunity to electro-magnetic interference are further operational advantages of these sensors. The standard -40 °C to +90 °C (+194 °F) operating temperature range is above what is available elsewhere on the market and this is pushed still further by the extended temperature range version which reaches -40 °C to +100 °C (+212 °F). Now with inclusion of a SSI interface, the GBS derivative of the GB-Series allows access to another highly popular output format, with users able to select between SSI and analog output options as appropriate. SSI functionality dramatically enhances reliability and signal integrity in harsh industrial environments, enabling 5 µm measurement resolution to be attained. GB-Series sensors are not only programmable using a hand-programmer unit, or using a computer via USB port; they are also suitable for configuration wirelessly via Bluetooth. This feature expedites the implementation process and makes maintenance easy to undertake, especially when sensors are located in hard to reach places. The accompanying programming software enables the user to set and adjust a wide variety of different parameters, such as synchronous/asynchronous measurement modes, measuring direction, coding and data length. MTS Sensor's proprietary Temposonics technology provides an extremely accurate, non-contact method for measuring position, which is highly suited to perform well in the most challenging of industrial settings. Sensors utilizing this technology are effectively wear-free. They are able to cope with vibrations, shock, high pressures and elevated temperatures without their reliability being put at risk or any compromise in their performance.
  • Linearity: Up to ±0.02% full scale
  • Repeatability: Up to ±0.005% full scale
  • Measuring Lengths: Between 25 mm and 3.25 m
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +90 °C