MXO 4 Series Oscilloscopes

Sept. 30, 2022
The Rohde & Schwarz MXO 4 series oscilloscopes come in four-channel models.

For accelerated insight, the MXO 4 series oscilloscopes features an ultra-fast real-time update rate of over 4.5 million acquisitions per second. The 12-bit ADC has 16 times the resolution of traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes at all samples rates without any tradeoffs for more precise measurements. A standard acquisition memory of 400 Mpts on all four channels gives the instrument up to 100 times the standard memory of comparable instruments. The oscilloscopes come in four-channel models with bandwidths of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, and 1.5 GHz. Development engineers can now see more signal detail and infrequent events than with any other oscilloscope.


Development teams can quickly see and isolate infrequent events, get a better understanding of physical layer signals, and test faster. A unique 200 Gbps processing ASIC makes this feature possible. The series also has the lowest noise and largest offset range in its class.


The digital trigger comes standard with all R&S MXO 4 series oscilloscopes. The trigger sensitivity can isolate difficult-to-find small physical layer anomalies in the presence of large signals.


In addition to time domain measurements, R&S MXO 4 series oscilloscopes have good RF spectrum measurement capabilities.


The R&S MXO 4 series incorporates a full-HD capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive user interface. The instrument’s small footprint, audible noise of less than a whisper, VESA mounting, and a rackmount kit for installation in integrated environments make R&S MXO 4 oscilloscopes ideal for any engineering workspace.

  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz to 1.5 GHz
  • World’s first oscilloscope with an update rate > 4.5 million waveforms per second
  • Industry-leading system architecture: 18-bit vertical resolution/12-bit ADC
  • Deepest in class standard memory: 400 Mpoints
  • Spectrum acquisition rate of 45,000 FFT/s