OTOO 600 AMR: Small AMR With Large Capacity

Aug. 15, 2023
OTTO Motor's smallest AMR has a capacity of 1,300 lb. and travels at speeds of 4.5 mph.

2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

A tough and nimble AMR, the OTTO 600 moves pallets, carts, and other payloads up to 1,322 lb. (600 kg) at speeds of 4.5 mph (6.5 ft/s). With an all-metal construction and IP54 rating, the AMR offers the abilities of larger AMRs with the maneuverability needed to get around in small spaces. With advanced sensors and OTTO's autonomy software, it works quickly and safely around people and objects. OTTO 600 handles lineside delivery, work cell delivery, and palletizer to stretch-wrapper transport.


OTTO’s latest software release (2.28) delivers faster and safer traffic movement and a new facility configuration interface for quicker workflow set-up. The new software features include creating traffic zones for specific robot types including specifying lanes where larger AMRs cannot enter; easier facility maps and workflows that save users time on set-up, and support for the AGV standard; VDA5050, letting customers manage dissimilar types of material handling solutions from a third-party master controller interface.


 Max. Capacity 1,320 lb. (600 kg) Max. Speed 4.5 mph (6.5 ft/s) Max. Turning Speed 45-deg./s Dimensions 41 x 28 x 13 in. (1,050 x 700 x 320 mm) Weight 551 lb. (250 kg) Turning Radius Turn in place Suspension Passive, rocker Ground Clearance 1 3?16 in. (30 mm) Floor Obstacle 5?32 in. (4 mm) Battery Capacity 21Ah Max. Charge Rate 42A Charge Time 30 min Battery Voltage 48V Battery Life 6,000 full charge cycles IP Classification IP54 Operating Temp. 41 to 104°F  (5 to 40°C)