The EtherCAT Box I/O system covers a wide range of signals for all industrial applications and is intended for installation outside of control cabinets, which can dramatically reduce equipment costs.


Using die-cast zinc, they are ideally suited to applications demanding increased load capacity and durability. Typical application areas include heavy industry, such as press lines and metal foundries, as well as in automotive environments where die-cast zinc is standard, or for robotic applications that rely on resistance to weld spatter. The ER series EtherCAT Box Modules are the ideal complement to existing variants in plastic and stainless steel housings.


The ER series modules are fully compatible with the EP series EtherCAT Box line and offer the same wide I/O selection: digital inputs with various filters, digital outputs with 0.5 A output current, and combination modules with freely configurable digital inputs or outputs.

  • IP67-rated
  • Fully compatible with the EP series
  • 1.2 and 2.4-in. (30 and 60 mm) modules are available in several channel variations
  • Dimensions (H x D): 5 x 1 in. (126 x 26.5 mm)
  • For high-current outputs, an option exists for a 7/8-in. power supply and an M12 EtherCAT socket
  • Extended operating temperature: -13 to 140°F
  • Analog input modules for current/voltage measurement are available