Comprehensive Web-based Dust Collection Diagnostics

Aug. 26, 2015

GoldLink, which runs diagnostics of your dust collection system, monitors 4 preset analog inputs and 16 preset digital inputs to keep you informed on your operation.

Designed for facilities that do not have building management systems, it is especially useful for companies with many remote dust collectors,"24/7" operating schedules, sensitive applications and/or the need to generate reports for OSHA, the EPA or other regulatory bodies. The GoldLink unit ships pre-programmed and is installed and connected to the Internet, creating a tunnel for data to be sent to the Camfil APC server. Data is packaged in a usable format that allows customers and other authorized personnel to monitor the health of their filtration systems via website.

  • Four Present Analog Monitoring Points: Primary filter, Secondary filter, Air flow, Emissions
  • Critical points that can be monitored: Primary and secondary filter pressure drop, Airflow velocity, Emissions (dust by-pass), Run status of the fan, airlock, VFD, Explosion safety devices
  • four preset analog inputs and 16 preset digital inputs