The Handte Oil Expert oil mist collector can operate all day, every day for greater productivity and is designed to withstand the most challenging applications that utilize lubricant oils to cool machining operations, meeting even the stringent specifications of the automotive industry.

It offers separation efficiencies up to 99.97 percent on 0.3 micron and larger particles, reliably handling ultra-fine, hard-to-capture oil mist and fume particles.

A first-stage coarse mesh filter separates out large particles and chips, followed by two stages of Camfil APC "CoaPack" diffusion filters: a pre-filter and fine filter that are the heart of the Handte Oil Expert collector. Media separators in the CoaPacks allow optimum airflow through the filters while providing maximum usable media area within a compact space. This design combines high efficiency separation performance with self-cleaning capability via drainage of the separated cooling lubricant.

Processes served include turning, drilling, milling, roughing, grinding, broaching, honing, rolling, deep-drawing and pressing.

  • Separation efficiencies up to 99.97 percent on 0.3 micron 
  • Can run "24/7"
  • Units can be delivered ready for "plug and play" without any additional assembly required at the installation site
  • 12-year limited warranty