NPMpm Servo Drive Module Works Like Linear Drive Without Drawbacks

Aug. 12, 2015

The NPMpm Series of EtherCAT servo drive modules provide motion performance that was previously only achievable using linear drives, without the drawbacks of such linear drives. The drives are significantly smaller, much more efficient, produce less heat dissipation, are better protected, and lower in cost.


The NPMpm is a slave that runs under any ACS EtherCAT masters. The type of drive has already been proven successful in the most demanding applications of wafer metrology & inspection, FPD inspection, and ultra-precision machining for processing of optical components.

  • Optional 10MHz laser encoder
  • Two drives per unit
  • Voltage and current range: 12 – 100Vdc, Up to 13.3A / 40A (cont./peak)
  • Digital I/O Inputs: 4 registration marks and 2 general purpose
  • Digital I/O Outputs : 2 Position Event Generators and 2 general purpose
  • Analog I/O Inputs: 4, 12 bit resolution, /-10V
  • Analog I/O Outputs: 4, 16 bit resolution, +/-10V
  • Position feedforward for active vibration isolation systems
  • Optional motor phases shortening relays