Urethane Processing System Dispenses High-Purity, Two Part Urethanes

Sept. 29, 2015

GP80 Urethane Processing Systems accurately proportions, mixes, and dispenses urethane for applications such as cable end sealing and splicing, connector sealing, bulkhead pass-thru, creating gaskets and seals, potting, and encapsulating.

A thermal management system provides heating by zones with thermocouple sensing and proportional control, which ensures material integrity  and accurately dispenses high- purity, two-part urethanes.

  • Adjustable flow rates up to 2 lpm
  • Heated and agitated material tanks with vacuum capability and optional nitrogen connections
  • Heated hoses and mix/dispense valves
  • Stainless steel gear pumps
  • Packaged on a mobile cart
  • Options: shot size control, on-board vacuum pump, up to 80 gal. tanks, pot-life timer, reservoir sensing, and bulk feed capability
  • 100:100 to 100:6 adjustable ratios by volume with ± 1% accuracy
  • Priced from $39,995