The LOWERATOR Transfer Crane carries large loads directly into a 450°F powder coat oven, without setting the load down. The crane design utilizes a special carrier that attaches directly to a large workpiece and travels with it through the assembly process, interlocking with strategically placed spur rails at various stations along the route. This installation handles very large steel weldments that would be difficult to transfer and set down repeatedly onto floor dollies for the various finishing operations involved.

The operator can engage positive mechanical rail interlocks in order to easily and safely transfer the load into separate bays for various operations, thus saving time and minimizing the potential for damage.

  • Weight: 10 tons
  • Bridge Rail Dimensions: 32 ft 10 in.
  • 15 fpm lift speed
  • 18 ft of vertical travel
  • End trucks rated for up to 19 tons and 50 fpm travel speed