This line of Solid State High Power Amplifiers includes 22 models with output power levels greater than 10 watts that cover broadband frequencies from 150 kHz to 7500 MHz.
These coaxial packaged RF amplifiers cover UHF, VHF, L, S and C frequency bands and are widely employed in applications such as electronic warfare, instrumentation, military communications, radar, SATCOM, telecom, data links, medical devices and many others.

  • Frequencies covering UHF / VHF / L / S / C bands.
  • High gain models exhibit high dynamic range
  • Saturated output power levels as high as +50 dBm
  • High IP3 linearity, as high as +60 dBm
  • 50 Ohm hybrid MIC designs use GaN, GaAs, or LDMOS transistor technology for high efficiency
  • All models have Single Voltage supplies which are internally regulated
  • Guaranteed operating performance over temperature
  • Amplifier circuits are enclosed in environmentally sealed metal packages with SMA connectors, designed for rugged environments which include exposure to Humidity, Altitude, Shock, and Vibration