The DVdi-120, a portable, efficient laboratory viscometer, measures Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, such as adhesives, automotive fluids, biomaterials, colloids, polymers and more.

The viscosity of the sample is determined by measuring the falling time of a needle through a predetermined distance within the fluids held in the reusable syringe. The viscometer includes viscometer main body with two reusable syringes, falling needle, stopwatch, digital thermometer, an instruction manual and carrying case.

  • Viscosity range: 20 - 10,000 cP (2 - 106 cP with additional accessories)
  • Accuracy and repeatability: Better than 2%
  • Test sample volume: Approx. 25 cm3
  • Needle material: Metal
  • Needle densities: 2.916 g/cm3
  • Total instrument weight: 0.38 kg (0.83 lb)