The durable and compact SPECTROSCOUT X-ray fluorescence spectrometer brings laboratory-quality elemental composition monitoring and quality control testing to at-line analysis.

With an easily transportable design, the SPECTROSCOUT is ideal for manufacturers and processors of such products as chemicals, cosmetics, feedstocks, foods, metal coatings, and pharmaceuticals among others.

  • Dependable accuracy and sensitivity at a wide range of detection levels, providing precise at-line analysis from high-percentage concentrations to trace elements
  • Performance levels that surpass those of other portable spectrometers at a highly competitive cost that is half that of a dedicated laboratory instrument
  • Ease-of-operation that includes an intuitive interface, simplified software that interacts via a standard computer, and predefined applications packages
  • Unique iCAL calibration takes just a single integrated sample and 5 minutes, reducing recalibration work
  • Laboratory-instrument class advantages, ranging from customer-specific calibrations to advanced pre-calibrated application packages
  • Rugged, lightweight (12 kg/26.46 lb) space-savings design (350 x 306 x 306 mm/13.8 x 12.1 x 12.1 in), that optionally includes a 5-hour internal battery for plant floor, at-line analysis as well as X-ray fluorescence analysis anywhere from the laboratory to the field